Friday, 26 June 2015

Spin value

Your spin value is one way to try and make sure you don't miss out on nice Happy Macaowins, and equally don't make common and costly big spin mistakes! For example, imagine you're a new slot machine gamer who decides to start playing slots with 1 coin x 1.00 – and hit an above average session, leaving your with a pretty cool profit. However, the next time you game, you decide to spin with 2.00 spins – but hit a poor gaming session, blowing your profit and denting your bankroll! The lesson to be learnt is that consistency can help to give your Casino Hire gaming balance – avoiding winning with small spins and losing when you bet big. In the long run, playing with volatile stake levels is likely to make average slot payouts irrelevant, and typically leads to bigger losses. There's nothing wrong with increasing you spin value – but make sure you have the bankroll and budget to sustain all your spins at a higher level.

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